Losing weight is most of the time difficult, especially in a world where miracle diets and coaching are in fashion. Miss Brooke shares 7 tips to help you lose weight and regain your self-confidence.

Set a clear goal

-2, -5, -10 kilos? Set yourself a specific and reasonable goal. Remember to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index). This index is used to calculate your body mass. A "normal" weight is equal to a BMI ranging from 18.5 to 24.9.

Balance your diet
Consume proteins (fish, poultry, semi-skimmed dairy products) to avoid losing muscle, carbohydrates but also not to forget antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins.

Keep the pleasure
So as not to abandon your efforts along the way, remember to treat yourself! Restricting yourself will not help you achieve your goals. So don't deprive yourself of your favorite foods, to be eaten in moderation of course.

Listen to your hunger and satiety
If it's time to eat and you still don't feel hungry, it's because not all the calories from the previous meal are eliminated by your body! Eating when you're not hungry can actually encourage weight gain.

Drink, drink and drink some more
By drinking regularly, you eliminate toxins related to your weight loss. It is therefore advisable to drink about 1.5L / day. You can, of course, drink water but also vary with tea or coffee in moderate quantities.

Do some physical activity
There's no miracle recipe! Eating well is one thing, but regular physical activity is also necessary to burn calories and build muscle. So get your sneakers on!

Slimming girdles

Thanks to the principle of sweating combined with frequent use, Slimiies' slimming girdles allow you to reach your goals with complete peace of mind!