Miss Brooke - Slimming Shorty

Your shapes are a force you didn't even know you had. Miss Brooke will make them a real added value to your body, in complete harmony.

Our slimming shorts will slim your stomach, your thighs and give a curved effect to your buttocks. For an ideal silhouette on all occasions.


Sculpt your silhouette! 360° compression around your back, stomach, waist, and thighs for a breathtaking natural look.

Like a second skin! We use quality fabrics that are soft, light and resistant so that our girdles provide you with optimal comfort.

Slims your tummy and curves your buttocks, regain self-confidence and don't hesitate to wear tight-fitting clothes, they will fit you perfectly!

Slimming results! In just 7 days, your skin is firmed, moisturized and beautified.

Easy to put on! For you to see an instant transformation, we've designed this invisible girdle so that it can be put on/taken off in 10 seconds.

Don't fall off! Forget about it. It doesn't roll under the chest. It stays on all day without slipping.

* offer valid while stocks last.


Win 2 sizes in a fraction of a second!

The majority of women develop a complex due to excess fat in the stomach, hips, and thighs. Often nothing can be done about it. To help you accept yourself and no longer feel the gaze of others, we have developed this revolutionary girdle. Every woman has the right to feel sexy and confident.